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Charles Doyle

owner & operator

You can say cooking is in my blood; from the time my grandfather was a chef in the NAVY, our family has been making mouth-watering meals! Even though my father and his father had very different tastes, my specialty is in fall-off-the-bone BBQ. Last year my friends and family finally convinced me to open my own mobile barbecue business to finally bring my perfect recipes to the public. The Flava Factory BBQ® is born out of generations of experience, and a lifetime of fine-tuning. 

Mobile BBQ Services

I took traditional Antelope Valley barbecue and gave it the twist of “soul” that it desperately needed. We provide mobile catering to your home or business and serve the most succulent barbecue you’ve seen on this side of New Mexico. Call us today to book, make an order, and inquire about pricing!

Smoking Out the Competition

Our St. Louis styled barbecued ribs, chicken, links, and brisket are sure to leave you speechless and reaching for the next bite. If there’s a plate of BBQ that makes your soul feel as full as our food does, we’re not doing our jobs! Luckily that hasn’t happened yet but we welcome you to taste the difference when your meat is smoked with our level of love, experience, and care.

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Joan D.
Joan D.
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Ribs and Rib tips very tender and the flavor very tasty!

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